Loose casual overalls with small cherry embroidery

Description :

1 Customized embroidered fabric, the little cherries are very sweet~ sweet and girly~~

2. Quick-drying overalls fabric, a good balance between casual and sweet feeling

3. A breakthrough has been made in the pattern, with a divided and spliced design of webbing. The pleats at the knees can well modify the shape of the legs. The four pockets are very practical and the pockets are designed to be friendly and not pressurize your height.

4. The waist is designed with a drawstring adjustment, and the feet are designed with elastic bands, which can be worn in two ways (foot-binding/straight)

5. Different colors are suitable for beautiful girls with different attributes!

Reviews :

Cherry pants are very comfortable to wear

The upper body is super beautiful, and the style and feel are also very high-end. Very suitable for sweet and cool girls.

Very comfortable and cool, the thin style is suitable for summer wear. The white cherry is also very beautiful.